Consistently ranked as the leader in Creole, Cajun, culinary, Mardi Gras, and Civil Rights experiences for:

  • corporate groups;
  • cultural visionaries;
  • ecotourists;
  • literary aficionados;
  • history buffs; and
  • managers on retreat.


In addition, we provide:

  • airport transfers;
  • hotel reservations;
  • dining packages;
  • music (jazz & zydeco);
  • lecture tour experiences;
  • second line parades;
  • guest speakers; and
  • team-building events. 

We arrange several festivals and conferences, including:

  • The Snowball Festival; 
  • Psyched About New Orleans;
  • The Vodou Experience;
  • The Pirates of Barataria; and
  • The Citywide 5K.

We produce shows about the history of the city and its culinary heritage. 

"Why is New Orleans so unique?"

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"If New Orleans is your destination, Custom is your destination manager. No one knows how to tell the story of the Crescent City like we do. We've earned top rankings in events management for over 30 years."

"By 1803, an exotic, French-speaking "Creole" culture had developed in New Orleans. The city was only beginning to prosper. The river would become the economic driver of a new nation."

CUSTOM  New Orleans

Adventures in authenticity for over 30 years.

"You had everyone dancing. We all want to come back." - Friends of Boca Grande